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Do payroll and HR headaches slow down ​your business and take up valuable ​time?

We understand.

Your challenges are our priority, and ​with VroomHCM’s solutions, we can help ​you turn these obstacles into ​opportunities for smooth, successful ​growth.

Since 2009, we've been alongside ​businesses like yours, easing the ​complexities of HR and payroll, ​preparing you for today’s needs and ​tomorrow’s achievements.

Together, we can future-proof your business, ensuring ​every step is worry-free and forward-focused.

5 Reasons

Why you should Choose VroomHCM


Personalized Customer support

Vroom offers dedicated, personalized customer support tailored specifically for ​small businesses. Unlike larger platforms, Vroom ensures you have access to ​knowledgeable representatives who understand your unique needs and provide ​prompt, customized assistance.


Comprehensive solutions

Vroom provides a complete suite of HR and payroll solutions, including payroll ​processing, benefits administration, compliance support, and employee engagement ​tools. This comprehensive approach means you can manage all your HR needs in ​one place, simplifying your operations and enhancing efficiency.


scalability for growth

Vroom’s platform is designed to grow with your business. As your company expands, ​Vroom’s scalable solutions can easily adapt to your increasing HR and payroll needs, ​ensuring seamless transitions and continued support without the need for switching ​platforms.


transparent pricing

Vroom offers transparent, straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. You know ​exactly what you’re paying for, allowing you to budget more effectively and avoid ​unexpected costs that can arise with other platforms.


Local expertise and compliance

Vroom has deep knowledge of local labor laws and compliance requirements, ensuring ​your business stays compliant with ever-changing regulations. This local expertise ​helps you navigate complex legal landscapes and avoid costly penalties.

"We are HR people who do payroll, not the other way around.

The difference is obvious...the results are astounding!"

Sam Tanios, CEO

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From day one, VroomHCM has shined as the Future-focused, lasting choice, proudly claiming its spot as the favorite provider for top companies!

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VroomHCM offers affordable, comprehensive HR and payroll solutions tailored for small businesses.

Our services are designed to fit small budgets while providing full HR support, helping these companies grow efficiently and affordably.



$6 Per EE

  • Full-service payroll including year-end
  • Local support team
  • Employee self-service
  • Basic onboarding
  • Full reporting package
  • HR Helpdesk Basic
  • Integrations for accounting, time tracking, expense management, and more...



$9 Per EE

Includes Pre-Launch+

  • Time & Attendance
  • Performance Mgmt.
  • Enhanced onboarding
  • HR Compliance Desk
  • Job costing
  • OSHA tracking
  • Real-time HR Support
  • Employee Handbooks: English & Spanish
  • Compliance, Safety Training and more...

1st Stage

Contact Us

For a quote

Includes Blast-off+

  • Dedicated HR Expert
  • Dedicated support team
  • Recruitment & ATS
  • Full benefits automation
  • Learning management
  • Expense management
  • Enhanced performance
  • Employee engagement
  • HR Helpdesk Enterprise
  • Strategic HR consulting, and more...

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